Friday, 17 January 2014

My picks for NA LCS week 1, day 1 (Informal)

Cloud 9 vs TSM 
Winners - TSM

I think every lane of TSM should win, Bjergsen most likely the hardest. I hear Oddone has improved a lot so he won't be the weak spot anymore. C9 could easily win as well, I just think TSM could be stronger right now.

winners - EG

Eu power too strong for NA. XDG made a really dumb roleswap that EG will take advantage from. Bot lane will win along with most likely top lane. Mid will be closer as Mancloud is actually a good player.

Curse vs Coast
Winners - Coast

Don't think this Curse lineup is that strong at all in my opinion. Coast are being hyped by everyone so I think they have been doing well, they dominated challenger during the off-season so they should be coming in with confidence.

XDG vs Cloud 9
Winners - Cloud 9

Obvious choice here, Cloud 9 would probably win this anyway let alone after the terrible role swap. Meteos will dominate Zuna, Hai/Mancloud should go even, Benny/Balls should go even, and C9 bot lane will beat XDG bot lane.

Winners - TSM

Probably the closest game after TSM vs C9, but I think TSM will win here again. TSM should win bot and mid, while top could be close. Both junglers are fairly passive so whichever one can actually put in some early aggression will go a long way to carrying their respective team

CLG vs Dignitas
Winners - Dignitas

Both teams are doing pretty bad at the moment so it's kind of a choice between which team will be worse than the other, but I think with CLG missing out on Dexter, Dignitas should have an advantage and be able to take the win. Plus I hear Dignitas have pulled it together since being humiliated by the now 0-4 Alliance.

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