Thursday, 23 January 2014

EU LCS (and Challenger) predictions. Week 2, Day 1.

Millenium Vs Alliance

Mechanically, Alliance should take this game with relative ease. As shown however by last weeks performance, mechanics don't mean everything. Millenium showed some great strength in their shotcalling and decision making abilities, so it is unfortunate that they slipped to a 1-3 record. That being said, Alliance did even worse, dropping down to the lowest in the LCS by hitting a 0-4 record, including a surprise loss to newcomers Supa Hot crew. For this game I still put my faith in Alliance, I believe that last weeks performance would have inspired them to work on their communication, and that they will come back strong from this point.

Roccat Vs Supa Hot Crew

Roccat have had a fantastic start to the LCS. Taking home a 3-1 record from super week, with wins over Alliance, Millenium and Supa Hot Crew. You might remember last week where the combination of Malphite/Pantheon A.K.A The Unstoppable Mandrop decimated Supa Hot Crew and their Nunu/Caitlyn fast push strategy. The key player for Roccat is clearly Overpow, and SHC would do well to deny him his favourite champions, however SHC have a weakness in Impalers champion pool, something that was targeted during the super week. If he has expanded, then SHC could take the win here, with Rengar back for Mimer and the bot lane of Migxa/MrRallez looking strong as ever. A close game, but I will be taking Roccat here, not enough time yet for SHC to come into their own, but it will be a close game.

Copenhagen Wolves Vs Millenium

Copenhagen Wolves were a bit of a surprise package last week, finishing with a 2-2 record with wins over Roccat and Alliance, and losses to Gambit and SK Gaming. After their showing in super week it is clear that both of these teams are capable of competing with the big teams, and I believe this game will be the closest of the day, however with BO1 anything can happen. If I had to pick a winner I'd have to go with Millenium, however it is a very hard choice, I just believe that Millenium didn't show their true potential last week and can do a lot more.

Gambit Vs SK Gaming

In my opinion the most clear cut match of the day. I think Gambit will be far too strong for SK and will take the win with relative ease. That's not to say SK are a bad team, they ended the super weak with a 2-2 record and showed strong performances against Copenhagen Wolves and Supa Hot Crew. The fact however remains that Gambit Gaming are probably the 2nd strongest team in the LCS right now (behind Fnatic).

Ninjas In Pyjamas Vs SK Prime

For this game I guest wrote an Article for League Central. You can find it here -

it goes into detail about the matchups, likely picks/bans and what will be the important factors for both teams.

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